what a child like Khusro Hasan thinks

what a child like Khusro Hasan thinks?

Let us know what a child like Khusro Hasan thinks about terrorism .
An unedited and uncensored piece .
Peshawar Bomb blast In the name of Allah Innocent children martyred because of target killing .who are killing people one day they will go to hell pleas Allah help police to find the terrorist now a days situation is very bad
Stop the BOMB BLAST and TARGET KILLING it is not good to killing a people the terrorists who are involved in killings of innocent children should be punished immediately you are scared of men so you kill innocent children we are not scared of terrorism it is not good hobby to kill people so bad hobby if we do not stop killing people we stand and fight. There is a lot of people but, I do not like terrorists there is small number terrorists in Europe and Australia also but in Peshawar there is a lot of terrorists at last I want to say please, stop target killing

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