Dear New Year

Dear New Year!quetta-beautifulpakistan

Here you come again! I as usual receive you warmly just like past years. I know nothing happens whether I welcome you or not and I also know that nobody can stop you coming. I know it’s just a change of numbers on the calendar, nothing else. But I don’t know why I feel excited whenever I hear your footsteps. Maybe it’s because of my expectations that you will behave better this year and heal the wounds of all those who suffered last year. Or may you will bring good news this year. I don’t know.

All I know is that you keep disappointing me each time and make me realize that nothing changes. And I don’t know why I feel motivated on your arrival despite knowing that nothing happens. But look at me, how stubborn I am. I stretch my arms wide open to receive you each time and feel ready to believe in you and share my all hopes with you.

My dear New Year, I really want you to bring happiness to all people — I mean a real message of ceasefire especially in Islamic countries so that no innocent lives should be killed on the basis of their faith and religion. And no one should be forced to leave their country or disgraced in search of safe havens in other countries. And no one should be forced to push their lives in the deep water to save themselves from being killed.

Dear New Year, I wish you to console all mothers whose innocent children were ripped apart by the clamour of “Allah-ho-Akbar”. I hope you heal the hearts of grieving parents whose children are still missing and to those parents whose children were killed and then dumped in deserted areas. I hope you will give endurance to all widows whose husbands have been removed to unknown destinations and will help orphans who do not have anyone to look after them. I hope you will bring comfort to anguished parents who have lost their loved ones and the mournful sisters who have lost their brothers in the fight against terrorism or bomb blasts.

Dear New Year, May you change the mind-set of the callous killers who, for the sake of paradise, are making the world a living hell. I request you to bestow some sense to all the filthy suicide bombers who kill innocent children and women for the seventy virgins in heaven. I ask you to rein all hate-mongering Mullahs who set people to pitting through their Fatwas. May you brighten love, brotherhood, coexistence and harmony among the people of different caste and creed.

Photo: Mohammad Hadi
Photo: Mohammad Hadi

I wish you give ‘Bad Taliban’ an example so that mothers who lost their children find solace. The mothers who sent their children to school in one piece but received them in many pieces. I also wish you to get hold of ‘Good Taliban’ who have shamelessly killed thousands of Pakistanis. I wish you could pull off the tongue of all those clerics who spit venom of hatred. I wish you make the government and law enforcement agencies aware of their responsibilities and stop them ghettoizing the law abiding citizens and make them chase the murderers instead. I wish you would remind the rulers of their promises which they made before the elections and forgot to fulfill them while being at the helm. I wish Pakistanis would get rid of all those politicians who despite being elected several times could not build a single hospital where they could get medical treatment but they instead rush to foreign countries to squander public money for medical treatment. I wish you could fill their heart with zeal and zest so that they can at least build an education institution where they can send their children. I wish you can make them realize that they have a duty to serve the masses instead of enjoying lavish vacations abroad. I wish you could bring a kind of change so bureaucrats should stop consuming public wealth but start serving them.

Dear New Year, I hope that you will bring a kind of magic trick that all the Pakistanis will get enlightened in the blink of an eye so they will empathise the suffering of their neighbours the way they feel the suffering of people living a thousand miles away. I hope they will raise their voice for the killing of innocent people in their neighbourhood the way they cry their heart out for the strangers. I hope you will get rid of their narcissism and the misunderstanding that they are the most superior creatures in the world. I hope they succeed to grasp that they have to mind their own business and amend their own wrongdoings instead of getting into the blazing inferno by poking their noses in the matters that they have nothing to do with. My beloved New Year, may you prove to be a better year.

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